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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
12:19 am - hello?

so it's been over a year since I posted on this thing right?
I just got a nudge from a friend that I should drop you all a line and let you know that I am not dead, so here I am!
Now, an extremely vague update on my life...

I am now in my 4th year of University (last semester) awaiting acceptance (or rejection) letters from teacher's college for the spring. I live with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Rob, in an apartment in Ontario. We adopted an insane cat named Boss (aka Bossyboy, mau mau, mau-skiteer, mau-ster... I'll stop there)

My love for BNL still remains but other things have moved up on my priority list and so I now pose this offer for all of my friends.
For anyone that would like to provide a loving home for any of my BNL collectables I am going to sell them all away to anyone that is interested. A full list of my BNL cd's, cassettes and videos is available at this site http://www.angelfire.com/space/bnl/
I will include the slimline jewelcases and custom handmade artwork for all cd's.
I am also selling:
-Ladies Room Newsletters 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
-a Barenaked for the Holidays Lyric Book from last year's holiday tour
-a pack of 5 miscellaneous postcards (the bigger ones)
-a pack of 18 BNL everything to everyoneballots to win a trip to see the band at the 2004 Juno's
-an original custom designed and hand stitched Brothers Creeggan cross stitch work (perfect to make into a pillow, can be viewed from a link on my website)
-an original custom designed and hand stitched BNL cross stitch work (perfect to make into a pillow, can be viewed from a link on my site)

Please E-mail me (rainbowbrite37@rogers.com) if you are interested in anything that I am offering. We can negotiate a price, funds must be sent to me before I send to you though, I've been burnt too many times before, but you all know me anyway, so not to worry! =0)
I am using all the funds to set aside for the downpayment on a house. Help me make a dream come true, and please take care of my hard earned goodies!

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
8:52 am - Some Personal, but lovely observations at TSO.

TSO was quite the fantastic experience. Jim sat in with the Orchestra for the first piece, which was interesting.
"He was the one not dressed in black."
It's a given he played awesomely for every song, so I'll move on, lol.

After the show, it was cool to see Andy again, whom I asked about BC shows, but stated that y'know, the kids thing now, and it will be rough... Which kinda trailed off from there because I was exhausted and could barely form conversation at this point. (over an hour and a half after the show)

Totally by chance, I happened to be near Jim and his wife for a brief minute at while chatting with another.
They are absolutely adorable together.
They seemed to just radiate affection, which was very cute, and I had to mention. :)

Overall, a fantabulous conncert with the symphony backing BNL, and a well-arranged...ok, more like amazingly-arranged setlist of: the Maroon tunes Sell x 3, TITNIFATW, and other staples Chimps, One Week (not with orchestra), Next Time, War on Drugs, and Million Dollars.
[In the incorrect order, btw]

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Friday, March 12th, 2004
10:15 pm - *sigh* I need to get out of the house.

I realize I have no life, thankyouverymuch.

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7:27 pm - Andy icons...

Jenn, If you want my to put these behind a cut let me know and I'll edit it later.
Warning: Sense of humour needed for full enjoyment.

The red green thing as well as drum/shaft is from the BLN dvd commentary, sh, pretend that red green shot is from WAGB, and not BW. ;) I didn't realize untill afterwards.

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5:31 pm - Jim Icons

I've made some Jim icons, and plan to make some more, as well as some Andy ones...any requests or suggestions?

The ref of "Who knew?" was an inside joke about being a gas station worker...

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Friday, February 27th, 2004
7:47 pm - BNL show was excellent. (26th, T-dot)

Jim did a fantabulous bass solo, not that I'm surprised..;)
Thought I'd post the pic.

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Monday, January 19th, 2004
1:26 am - Cool.

Just wanted to say..
Damn, the only downside to BNL being active again is no BC shows. lol

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
4:19 pm

Wow. What a great LJ community.
Andy took his in-school work-term thing at my school, so for this Semester he was a teacher.
I didn't have music this semester, so I never actually got taught by him, though. :(

Andy's the coolest guy ever. I got to jam with him numerous times (I'm a bassist). He also gave a couple talks on the music industry and how to survive in it.
Best of all, I got to hang out with him every day for like 4 months.

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Friday, March 21st, 2003
6:18 pm

I am having BC withdrawals.

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Friday, February 14th, 2003
10:56 am

Hey! Coo new look 'round here :D

This is random I guess, but I just thought it was kinda cute. My friend John, who is particularly tall, hates to be teased. It's funny, the song by our Bros seems to be exactly the story of my friend's life...locking himself into a fridge is SO something I could see John doing. I always love singing it to him. We always have a good laugh.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone else here perhaps has a song they can identify with. Something in a Bros Creeggan song that just makes you smile everytime, cringe, freak out or whatever...

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Thursday, December 26th, 2002
8:09 pm

Heyo! Just thought I'd say hi to everyone here, I'm new in this here community. :)

Jim is indeed a bass god, Andy and Ian absolutely have my deepest respect and admiration as well. They are musical heroes to me, and I love how they make the kind of stuff dreams are made of. I had a chance to see them play back in November, at the Yellow Door coffee house, in Montreal. It was amazing. I'm looking forward to the next show I can attend.

I *heart* accordians.

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Monday, December 16th, 2002
8:51 am

Yay!! Creeggan love rocks!!
The show rocked, had some fun, did some dancing, got sick and pukey at the end :( Andy told me he hoped I felt better (I do too, Andy I do too!)
Finally got to meet Jenn (figured since I talk to her online all the time might be nice if I actually met her! lol). Sat behind her and didn't even know it...
My pictures didn't come out, bastard Wal-Mart said they were too dark to develop :(
TOO much fun for me, let's do it again!

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Sunday, December 15th, 2002
7:52 pm - Brothers Creeggan @ the Downward Dog!

Kelly and I took the go train down to union station to meet Jen. Jen walked over from the greyhound station and we met up with Jenn and her friend Crystal as well. From there we drove to the Eaton Centre and did some shopping, the mall was totally insane, never go to the Eaton centre near Christmas!

Jenn and Crystal left later on to go eat dinner at Ali Baba's, we ate in the food court at the mall and then took a taxi to the downward dog. Before we went to the Downward Dog we went into a second hand CD store right underneath it and I found a copy of Gordon with the original cover! so I snagged that.

Since the show was at a yoga studio we had to take off our shoes, which I wasn't too thrilled about, I had a hole in one of my socks! but it was on the bottom, so nobody saw it. It was kind of like having a show at someone's house, there were candles lit all over the place and little plants, and food and drinks, and we all sat on the floor on little blankets.

Before Brothers Creeggan there was a group, I believe they were called Swaha? They weren't really my cup of tea, but the lady had a pretty voice. Ron also told some wacky jokes, he was also there with Brothers Creeggan at the Barenaked Circus.
"Be here in the moment now, oh now it is gone, here gone! and now a quick moment of meditation..ok good!"

The show was excellent, very energetic and lively! Lots of dancing(Andy did some crazy dancing, and Jim really got into his bass dance, the audience was crazy dancin' too!), everyone was singing along, I took some pictures and hopefully they work out this time, the lighting was a lot better here than it was at the last show.

I wrote down the setlist during the show because I forgot to do that last time, and Jenn got the real setlist, I really wanted it, but thats okay I guess.
so here's the list:
1. Convey
2. Johns in the Fridge
3. Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland
4. Spider in my Room
5. East and West
6. You Walked Out
7. Billie Jean
8. Ali Baba's
9. Ron - Not a Normal Class...
10. A Vote For Beauty
11. Let it Snow
12. The Question Is...
13. Rocking Chair
14. Why Won't they Bite

After the show I asked Jim and Andy about my brothers creeggan pillow/charity idea and they were both really into it, I'm supposed to send them a picture of the Brothers Creeggan pillow as soon as I am done.

I don't think that Jim or Andy even recognized me, but Ian did, oh well. I also got a whole bunch of pictures from Jenn, they were her barenaked circus pictures, she was in the front row and they are bloody AMAZING! I might scan some later, there are some especially good Steve and Ed ones, and a great picture of Steve and Ed kissing! yay!

Crystal got hit by a car that was backing up when we were outside after the show, I hope that she is alright, I don't think she got hit too hard, but that is scary!

We would have stayed to get some pictures with the guys like Jenn and Crystal did but we had to catch our train so we weren't stranded in Toronto!
We then took a taxi back to union station and caught the train home. We picked up some snacks on the way and Jen stayed over at my place.

Me and Jen had a BNL video marathon, we watched:
the guiness ppv
the BOAPS ppv
the tweeter centre ppv
tyler live on the edge
marooned in europe
on gordon pond
and Barenaked in America.

In the morning I drove Jen back to the train station so she could get back home again.
I had sort of an argument with my manager Tara this morning as well, she changed my schedule without letting me know and then called and was mad that I missed the shift that she had added. It's a long infuriating story so I'm not even going to get into it.

I came home and put the Barenaked Circus pictures into my photo album and watched "Goldmember" which was not nearly as funny as I thought it would be. I took a short nap and here I am now! :)

I think I'll get my creegan pictures developed tomorrow, I took like 18 or something like that, not nearly as much as last time, but these ones should probably work, so thats cool.
*goes off to make some bootleg covers*

P.S- you may wonder why some things in here are highlighted and some are not, well, the answer to that is that I just don't know, I'm tired, and it seems to make sense to me now, although I know it doesn't.

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Friday, December 6th, 2002
6:29 pm - HI HI!

I finally figuredout how to join communities, it's not enough to just add the community to your friends list I have discovered! :) So here I am, showin' Jim Creeggan some love! :)

I'm heading down to the Brothers Creeggan show at the Downward Dog Yoga Studio on December 14th, it sounds like it will be a great show, according to their site, they'll be breakin' out some dance numbers! I am quite excited, pictures will be posted, you better believe it! :)

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
2:27 pm - Hi

Hey guys :)

I'm here, been here actually, I just never knew what to post about. But I didn't want you guys to think there's no Jimmy love besides you two. There is! :)


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Monday, July 15th, 2002
6:50 pm

I'm bidding on some Creegg things on ebay (nobody outbid me now!! lol) and I'm so excited!!! Can't wait til they come in!!! I'm getting Trunks, BC1 and BC2 and hopefully Sleepyhead :)


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Thursday, July 11th, 2002
12:54 am

Hey all,

I'm definitely feeling the Jim Creeggan love! It always surprises me to find other people who love him and BNL as much as I do. I got the chance to see him and Andy in Bros. Creeggan when they were here in Jersey. Awesome. I met him and everything (Maybe you can tell by my LJ picture). He's so incredibly nice, and taller than you could ever imagine! I'm forever in love with him.

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
6:42 pm

hey *pouts* how come no one's posting on here?? Are Jenn and I the only ones?? :(

where's the Creegg love???


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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
10:26 am

hello all!!! :)
Just making my way over here, and spreading the Jimmy C love!! :)

Angel (sweetlikesugar from bn.net) :)


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